we are not a hotel. we are urban life.

who we are

we are townsfolk. we love the urban lifestyle. we are digital natives. we live on and with sharing economy. we are cosmopolitan. we need freedom. we live creativity, cooperation, and flexibility.


what we do

we provide space for your stay in the city. whether for holiday, work, education, or a little bit of everything - it's up to you what you make out of it. don't be on the move - live where you are.

what we want

we don't want to be a hotel - we provide apartments in the city. we want to offer everything you need and omit everything which isn't necessary. we want to give you space and to support you in experiencing the city.

we live what we do

we don't come from hotel business. we don't work by the textbook but by common sense. we offer normal apartments in different styles and price ranges, so that you can make yourself at home. we are minimalistic on purpose with extras - but not with comfort. you get what you are paying for, but we are always open to reason. we love computers, but we stay human. ;-)